COVID Protocols Update (Sat 28th November)

Good evening all,

By now you should have (hopefully) seen the email from GLAC outlining the entry requirements for this Saturday’s competition.

It is proposed that this Saturday 28th November 2020 will proceed as normal but under the below requirements:

1. ONE PARENT PER FAMILY (exceptions subject to approval by GLAC prior to Saturday morning)



4. MASKS MUST BE WORN FOR ALL EXCEPT ATHLETES (BUT MUST BE CARRIED FOR THOSE OVER 12 YEARS) (exceptions subject to approval by GLAC prior to Saturday morning)

5. GATE 1 – will be the ONLY gate for entry and exit. (Swanston Street). Gates will open at 7:30am.

6. All clubs will submit their duty roster to GLAC. This list will be at the gate, all duty rostered on parents will be recorded on entry.

7. Registration details are still required when entering Landy (e.g scanning QR Code, etc.)

For GLAC to run a normal program and not remove events we have to adhere to these requirements.

NOTE: On-Track will be run as one group this week – ie: U6 & U7 combined – athletes will move to and from the On-Track area under the control of club appointed On-Track Coordinators. No other parents/spectators/children will be permitted on the infield area.

If you do not believe that you can adhere to these guidelines as set by GLAC, please do not attend. If you do attend and try to enter against the GLAC guidelines, you will be refused entry to the venue.

GLAC’s priority is to support athletes and allow them to continue with this sport.

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