The best way to improve your weekly performance is to attend training.

South Barwon Little Athletics runs free introductory training sessions for all registered athletes during the season.

These sessions are run by our club coach Peter Walsh (ITCC) on Thursday afternoons from 4.30pm – 5.15pm and are open to all athletes that want to develop the basic skills of Little Athletics across different disciplines. The session content will be the same for all attending athletes.

Event Specific Coaching.

Once athletes have developed a solid foundation in athletics they may want to specialize in a specific event group. There are a number of specialised event coaches in Geelong that may extend their services to young athletes. In most cases they are certified with Athletics Australia (AA) and/or ATFCA (Australian Track & Field Coaches Association) and have signed Child Protection policies with their accredited bodies.

For more information you can contact Cindy Holzer (GLAC Coaching Coordinator) or find further details at icoach Search or Australian Track & Field Coaches Association

GLAC Coaching Program.

For more seasoned athletes, there are a number of different training sessions held each week. See the full training schedule by visiting the Coaching page of the GLAC website.

LAVic Education & Training

LAVic conduct a number of skills and development sessions throughout the season.

Click here to go to the LAVic Athletes Education & Training page and click on the ATHLETES, OFFICIALS or COACHING buttons for more information.

LAVic - Eductation and Training