Track & Field

At Geelong Little Athletics there are 3 rotating programs of events, and each age group will compete in 5 events each week. (Under 8 athletes compete in 4 events each week). Events are called over the loudspeaker so you need to listen out as each event will only be called 3 times. The announcement will tell you where to marshall for the event.

Once there, the parent on duty will do a roll call to see who is there and put you in heats for the track events. The track event heats on the first few weeks are randomly selected, but once an athlete has a benchmark the heats are seeded according to results so athletes will be running against athletes with a similar time. The field events are also often split into 2 groups to utilise both jump pits, throwing rings or high jump mats but all club athletes will stay together. Athletes will get a practice jump or throw then 2 competition trials.

Once your event is completed or race finished, you may return to your Club area to await your next event. To get to your field event there are orange cones around the track which is where you need to cross to get into the infield. Before you do please check that there are no circular races going on and you are not going to interfere with a race. Also do not cross the infield because there are javelins and discus being thrown into this area. You need to go around the outside and enter the field at the cones.

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Results are recorded in all events and can be viewed at the link below (requires individuals to login to view results):

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All families must adhere to the rules in the parent declaration, which includes obligations for performing duties at the track.

Click here to view the LAVIC Rules & Regulations  for more information and relevant documentation.

Cancellation and Program Changes
Cancellation of weekly competition programs can occur throughout the season due to wet weather or excessive heat conditions. On a Saturday morning or prior to any twilight programs scheduled, if you think that the program may be cancelled, please check GLAC Team App and Facebook after 07:45AM. The decision to cancel a program is made by the GLAC Committee with the safety of athletes and officials as their primary concern. On some occasions, a program may also be altered to suit weather conditions. The LAVic weather policy will be used in decision making.