Track & Field

Track and Field

Little Athletics gives children the opportunity to have a go at all of the disciplines of Track and Field.

Over the course of the summer season, depending on their age group, athletes will participate in a range of events. U8’s participate in 4 events each week, while all older age groups participate in 5 events. GLAC runs a three-week program, with different events scheduled for Program 1, 2 and 3. See below for details of the weekly programs.

Program 1_2_3


Because there are so many athletes competing, sprint races are run in heats. Athletes are placed in heats with others of a similar ability, based on times from previous races. This ordering may change throughout the season.

Results are recorded in all events and can be viewed at the link below (requires individuals to login to view results):

ResultsHQ login

All families must adhere to the rules in the parent declaration, which includes obligations for performing duties at the track.

The events offered as part of the 2018-19 GLAC program are:

Track Events Age Groups
70m U8 – U10
100m ALL
200m ALL
400m U9 – U16
700m U8
800m U9 – U16
1500m U11 – U16
60m Hurdles U8 – U10
80m Hurdles U11 – U13, U14 Girls
90m Hurdles U14 Boys
100m Hurdles U15 – U16
200m Hurdles U13 – U14
300m Hurdles U15 – U16
700m Walk U9
1100m Walk U10 – U11
1500m Walk U12 – U16
Field Events Age Groups
Long Jump ALL
Triple Jump U11 – U16
High Jump ALL (U8 – U10 scissors only)
Shot Put ALL
Discus ALL
Javelin U11 – U16

Click here to view the LAVIC Rules & Regulations  for more information and relevant documentation.