On Track Program

On Track is the LAVic’s orientation program for the Under 6 & 7 age group. The On Track program is a 1 ½ hour skills based program. (Please note athletes turning 5 between Oct 1-Dec 31 can register as an U6 for the commencement of the season. Athletes turning 5 after Jan 1 (2014) must wait until they have turned 5 before registering, these new U6 athletes will repeat U6 in the next calendar season).

It aims to teach young children the components of athletic events in a fun, non-competitive way. Using games, encouragement and a variety of physical activities, the program seeks to build confidence and skill levels before introducing children to the range of track and field events comprising the Little Athletics weekly programs – running, hurdles, relay, long and high jump, discus and shot put. Race walking and javelin are not taught to On Trackers.

The program will commence at 8:30 am on the Saturday program with athletes and parents meeting at their club tents before walking their on-track athletes over to the infield. Programs will be run on a safe zone on the infield as well as progressing athletes towards standard events on the track or field as their skills develop. We ask that two parents assist from each Club each week to help run the program.

For safety reasons we ask that other parents and siblings watch from the safety of spectator areas. The infield and the track are for competitors and officials/helpers.

  • Uniform On Track athletes are required to wear their full Club uniform including registration bib.

  • Slip, Slop, Slap On Track athletes are required to have sun protection including a hat and sunscreen.

  • Development of Skills Skill development is a session of between 1 ½ and 1 ¾ hrs commencing from 8:30 am. As well as skills development, on Trackers will be introduced to several events held on the track or field of John Landy Field. Events will vary according to the availability of a particular track, pit or ring. Children will be called to assemble on the John Landy Field PA system, meeting the On Track Coordinator at the recording office. The Recording Office is located at the west end of John Landy Field.

  • Putting Skills into Practice The introduction-to-events sessions allow On Trackers and their families to become familiar with the layout of John Landy Field and its event locations. Children are shown how each event is conducted and the rules governing each event. These sessions are important preparation for the following year when the On Trackers will compete as Under 8 Little Athletes.

  • Learn with your Child The On Track program is designed so that you can learn alongside your child. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings etc. are encouraged to get involved with the program and share the experience. For further information, please see the On Track section of the LAVic web site: www.lavic.com.au Parents are required to be present at little athletics and assistance is required approximately once every three weeks. We will also train parents on how to assist and engage in the program.