COVID Protocols Update (Sat 28th November)

Good evening all,

By now you should have (hopefully) seen the email from GLAC outlining the entry requirements for this Saturday’s competition.

It is proposed that this Saturday 28th November 2020 will proceed as normal but under the below requirements:

1. ONE PARENT PER FAMILY (exceptions subject to approval by GLAC prior to Saturday morning)



4. MASKS MUST BE WORN FOR ALL EXCEPT ATHLETES (BUT MUST BE CARRIED FOR THOSE OVER 12 YEARS) (exceptions subject to approval by GLAC prior to Saturday morning)

5. GATE 1 – will be the ONLY gate for entry and exit. (Swanston Street). Gates will open at 7:30am.

6. All clubs will submit their duty roster to GLAC. This list will be at the gate, all duty rostered on parents will be recorded on entry.

7. Registration details are still required when entering Landy (e.g scanning QR Code, etc.)

For GLAC to run a normal program and not remove events we have to adhere to these requirements.

NOTE: On-Track will be run as one group this week – ie: U6 & U7 combined – athletes will move to and from the On-Track area under the control of club appointed On-Track Coordinators. No other parents/spectators/children will be permitted on the infield area.

If you do not believe that you can adhere to these guidelines as set by GLAC, please do not attend. If you do attend and try to enter against the GLAC guidelines, you will be refused entry to the venue.

GLAC’s priority is to support athletes and allow them to continue with this sport.

Registration Portal On Hold

Due to the numbers of athletes participating at Geelong this season, there has been a hold placed on the LAVic Registration Portal pending the next COVID update from the State Government on the 22nd November.

Whilst we are doing everything possible as clubs and a centre to ensure that the 2020-21 Little Athletics season can continue in a COVID safe manner, this temporary measure has had to be put in place.

A few last minute notes.

Just a few last notes before tomorrow morning:

As part of the centre’s COVID protocols, Chiefs will need to collect their event trolley from the equipment shed – the trolleys will not be moved out for you.At the end of the day, Chiefs are to return their trolley to the equipment shed.

Gates will be open from around 7.00am to allow pedestrian access and all but the main gate in Swanston St will be closed by 8.40am.

No general carparking in Landy Field – all vehicles are to be parked outside the venue in Swanston St or surrounding streets.

Allow yourselves plenty of time to get in to the venue – remember ALL attendees are required to check in to the venue using the QR codes that will be at the entrances.

Masks are compulsory for anyone 12yo or older (unless you have a valid exemption – this will be recorded when you enter the venue).

Geelong Advertiser photographer will be onsite – if you don’t want photos taken make sure to notify GLAC.

Anyone registered as a “TRY’OUT” needs to report to the South Barwon marquee. Make sure you have printed out the bib you received via email from LAVic.

Competition bibs for all fully registered athletes can be collected from the South Barwon marquee.







A great start to the season from all involved. Not the best March Past weather we have had in recent years but still terrific to see so many turn up and get into the spirit of things. Perhaps a little too wet and cold. Nonetheless for those that stayed on we still managed to get through all events. Well done GLAC. I have herad of so many sporting events being cancelled on Saturday and so many disappointed children (and parents).

South Barwon Duties

So with slightly reduced participant numbers this year comes a slightly reduced requirement to look after events.

We have:

  • Long Jump 1 and 2
  • Back Straight timing
  • 400m manual timing
  • On Tracker Minders x2
  • Walking Judge (Program 2)
  • Starter

Generally the expectation is for every family to volunteer on 3 occasions. We have some who do so every week or every second week. We definitely wont stop you if you can do more. This year we seem to have quite a few families that are unable to volunteer. We do ask that these families make an effort to at least put their hands up for 2 duties for the year.  OTHERWISE IT LOOKS LIKE WE WILL NEED TO CALL ON FAMILIES FOR FOUR OR FIVE DUTIES FOR THE SEASON.

The CHIEF Program for 2018/2019 looks well and truly sorted

A huge thanks to Nat, Anne, Kieron. Janelle, Tim. Drewy, Gus, Michelle, Jo and Luke

Special Mention – Rohan Whelan for looking after Back Straight timing fo the year


Please note: any queries, cancellations, offers for duties please contact John Sprunt

Refer also provisional Duty Roster for season (refer tab). Plenty of holes to fill which can be done via email or on Saturday at the SB tent

The 2018-19 Track and Field season commenced on Saturday 6th October and finishes with the Steigen Geelong Championship Day on Saturday 9th March.

The last round of competition before Christmas will be Saturday 8th December (LAVic State Relays will be on Saturday 15th December). Competition at the Geelong Centre will re-start on Saturday 12th January 2019.


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