A few last minute notes.

Just a few last notes before tomorrow morning:

As part of the centre’s COVID protocols, Chiefs will need to collect their event trolley from the equipment shed – the trolleys will not be moved out for you.At the end of the day, Chiefs are to return their trolley to the equipment shed.

Gates will be open from around 7.00am to allow pedestrian access and all but the main gate in Swanston St will be closed by 8.40am.

No general carparking in Landy Field – all vehicles are to be parked outside the venue in Swanston St or surrounding streets.

Allow yourselves plenty of time to get in to the venue – remember ALL attendees are required to check in to the venue using the QR codes that will be at the entrances.

Masks are compulsory for anyone 12yo or older (unless you have a valid exemption – this will be recorded when you enter the venue).

Geelong Advertiser photographer will be onsite – if you don’t want photos taken make sure to notify GLAC.

Anyone registered as a “TRY’OUT” needs to report to the South Barwon marquee. Make sure you have printed out the bib you received via email from LAVic.

Competition bibs for all fully registered athletes can be collected from the South Barwon marquee.

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