GLAC Presentations 2018-19

Congratulations to all of the South Barwon athletes and parents who received recognition and awards at the GLAC Presentation Day on Sunday 24th March 2019.

Certificates of Appreciation:
– Rohan Whelan – GLAC Timing
– Wayne Peters – GLAC Announcer & MC

Relay Coaches and Team Managers:
– Peter Walsh – U10B Coach
– Wendy Dean – U14G Team Manager
– Janette Brown – U15G Team Manager

PB Age Group Champions:
– Indiana O’Neill – 3rd U9G
– Emilia Pantano – 2nd U11G
– Bethany Dean – 1st U15G
– Charlotte Benson – 2nd U16G

Age Group Champions:
– Davey Gibbs – 2nd U8B
– Isabel Knuckey – 3rd U8G
– Indiana O’Neill – 3rd U9G
– Lily Sherman – 1st U9G
– Lily Trotter – 3rd U12G
– Pippa Dean – 3rd U14G
– Bethany Dean – 2nd U15G

Sportsmanship Award:
– Harrison Whelan

Best Athlete:
– Davey Gibbs U8B – Betty Chesterman Award – Best Middle Distance Runner Junior Little Athlete (U8-11)
– Lily Sherman U9G – Craig Rickard Award – Best Jumper Junior Little Athlete (U8-11)
– Hugh Knuckey U11B – Joy Forrest Award – Best Sprinter Junior Little Athlete (U8-11)

GLAC Records:
– Isabel Knuckey U8G 700m 2:49.89s (9/3/2019)
– Lily Sherman U9G High Jump (Scissor) 1.15m (9/3/2019)
– Davey Gibbs U8B 700m 2:34.86s (1/12/2018)
– Lily Sherman U8G High Jump (Scissor) 1.05m (24/2/2018)

Long Service:
– Ashlee Meade U15G

GLAC Life Membership:
– Jonathan Burns

Go Team SBLAC!!!

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