2020-21 Week 9 – Multi Event day

This Saturday (23rd January 2021) athletes will be participating in the GLAC Multi Event day which consists of 3 track and 2 field events for each age group.

Events are as follows:

EventAge Group/s
60m HurdlesU8-U12 M/F
80m HudlesU13 M/F, U14F
90m HurdlesU14M, U15/16F
100m HurdlesU15/16M
100mALL U8-16
800mALL U8-16
Long JumpALL U8-16
Shot PutU8-16F

Duty Roster – parent participation

Hi all,

A little bit of housekeeping – it is a requirement for families of all registered athletes to participate in weekly duties.

We ask that all families, including those with On-Trackers, make themselves available as requested throughout the course of the season. There are a number of families who do more than their fair share every week and all we are asking is that everyone pitches in and spreads the load.

Our duties on a weekly basis include chiefing/officiating two long jumps, back straight timing, 400m manual timing (as applicable), providing starters & walk judges and supervising On-Trackers.

For On-Trackers this may include being the On-Track Coordinator for a week (marshalling the kids at the club area, escorting them to the infield, assisting Craig and Elly as required and returning the kids to the club area).

John Sprunt coordinates the weekly duty roster and your ongoing support and assistance is essential as the centre is entirely volunteer run and without everybody contributing the centre will face the very real possibility of not operating and our kids will miss out on the opportunity to participate.

If you have any issues/concerns please contact the club via email.

COVID Protocols Update (Sat 12th December)

We have had many changes to our programs this season, some challenging.  These changes have all been inline with the Victorian Government COVID guidelines.  Victorian Premier Dan Andrews made another announcement on Sunday which has allowed us to continue with our program as NORMAL

Revised guidelines for members:

  • 1 parent per family (unless doing duty)
  • NO Spectators
  • must carry a mask and wear one if you cannot distance 1.5m
  • must register attendance at gate

All age groups (including On-Trackers) will be running as normal.  First events for U8-U16 age groups will start at 8.15am. On-Trackers will start at 8.30am.

NOTE: The attendance cap has been raised from 500 to 1000.  We welcome this new cap, but I just want you to be aware that on our second meet (28 November) we registered 900 people in attendance at Landy Field. With the centre having just under 500 registered athletes it is still necessary to maintain the requirement for 1 parent per family and no spectators. Also, the registration portal is closed and, unfortunately, we are not taking any more members for this season.