Code of Conduct

GLAC have asked that we remind all members of the Code of Conduct, especially around leaving children at Landy Field.

There have been a few children dropped off or catching a bus to Landy Field to compete on their own with no adult supervision which is something all clubs and members need to be aware of and address.

Whilst older children may not feel they require supervision or a parent present we have a duty of care for that child if something goes wrong. It is vital that a parent/guardian is present or that you have arranged for another adult to take responsibility for the child if you are not there.

Duty Roster

Here’s the draft Duty Roster for the remainder of the Track & Field season.

Please contact John Sprunt (email or text) to confirm your availability.

NOTE: We have two Twilight events – Friday 24th January & Saturday 8th February. Both will run from 5:00-9:00pm.

Duty Roster - Block 3

Saturday 30th November – Week 8

This week Under 8-16 athletes will participate in Program 2.

All officals are to be in place at 8:00am. First call for all events will be at 8.15am. On-Trackers will commence at approximately 8.30am (listen for the calls from the announcer).

Events for U8-16 are as follows:

Program 2

First events by age group are:

P2 - First Events

2019-20 Committee

Just to help you out with putting names to faces, here are your 2019-20 Committee members: