Duty Roster

The Duty Roster for the 2019-20 season will be broken into blocks to try and help spread the load for all of our families.

If you are available to help run events contact John Sprunt via email (john.sprunt@architectus.com.au) or check in at the club tent each week and put your name down.

The roster for block 3 is as follows:

Duty Roster - Block 3

Can those listed in red please contact John ASAP to confirm their availability.

Please let a member of the committee know if you would like to volunteer as a Chief Official or as a Walks Judge and we can discuss further training to help you in the role.

Remember – the more people we have volunteering and trained as Chiefs the more we can spread the load and have less of a reliance on the same people every week.

For more information on officiating at Little Athletics please refer to the LAVic Officiating Booklet (2019-20)

If you would like to participate in Starting and/or Officating courses run by LAVic, click  here to view course information and registration links. NOTE: Any charges for attending these courses will be covered by the club.

Thank you to volunteers