Duty Roster

We ask that all of our families participate in the 2021-2022 season Duty Roster.

Our club is responsible for providing Chiefs and volunteers each week for:

  • Back Straight finish/timing (3 people – Chief, finish marshal and recording),
  • 2 x 400m manual timers (where applicable),
  • 2 x Long Jump pits (each requires a Chief and 3 volunteers to assist with raking the pits, measuring jumps and recording results),

We also provide:

  • 1 x Walks Judge (Program 2),
  • 1 x Starter (Program 3).

Please check in at the club marque on Saturday mornings to put your name down for any vacant spots on the duty roster or go to the Schedule option on our TeamApp site to self-nominate for a duty (click here).

Please let a member of the committee know if you would like to volunteer as a Chief Official, Walks Judge or Starter and we can discuss further training to help you in the role.

Remember – the more people we have volunteering and trained as Chiefs the more we can spread the load and have less of a reliance on the same people every week.

The rosters for weeks 2 onwards will be posted shortly.



If you would like to participate in Starting and/or Officiating courses run by LAVic, click  here to view course information and registration links. NOTE: Any charges for attending these courses will be covered by the club.

Thank you to volunteers